STAR Reports

STAR stands for Save The American Republic.  The purpose of the STAR Reports is to briefly (1-2 pages) highlight some aspect of government, especially those involving the United States Constitution and give some insight into the thinking of the Founding Fathers and what they expected the Constitution to accomplish.  It is expected that the reader will be able to compare the difference in what the Founding Fathers intended and what is actually happening in our government today and, in most cases, see where our government is failing us.

We are developing two sets of STAR Reports.  The first, General Issues, will deal with the founding documents and legislation to include judicial activism.  The second, Founders’ Philosophy, will attempt to bring alive the beliefs, actions, and philosophy of the Founders by synopsizing each of the great ideas that changed the world as represented in the W. Cleon Skousen’s bestselling book, The Five Thousand Year Leap.

To view the STAR reports choose a topic under “STAR Reports” in the ‘Pages’ section in the left hand column.

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