I. General Issues


1.  Powers of Congress, US Constitution Article I, Section 8: To read this report click on the following link http://wp.me/PSHGG-2n

2.  The Executive Powers:  Click here http://wp.me/PSHGG-3C

3.  Thoughts on the Declaration:  Click here http://wp.me/PSHGG-l

4.  Supreme Court Decisions:  Click here http://wp.me/PSHGG-25

5. Judicial Powers, US Constitution Article III:  Click here http://wp.me/PSHGG-46

6. The Second Amendment:  Click here http://wp.me/PSHGG-4v

7. We Still Hold These Truths:  Click here http://wp.me/PSHGG-5o

8. Important Election Thoughts:  Click here http://wp.me/PSHGG-68

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