II. Founders’ Philosophy

The Founders’ Philosophy series of STAR Reports

1.  Introduction to STAR Founders’ Philosophy Series:  Click here http://wp.me/PSHGG-3z

2.  Founders’ Political Spectrum:  Click here http://wp.me/PSHGG-n

3. The Genius of Natural Law:  Click here http://wp.me/PSHGG-4a

4. A Virtuous and Moral People:  Click here http://wp.me/PSHGG-4F

5. Virtuous and Moral Leaders:  Click here http://wp.me/PSHGG-4M

6. The Role of Religion:  Click here http://wp.me/PSHGG-5w

7. The Role of the Creator:  Click here http://wp.me/PSHGG-5K

8. All Men Are Created Equal:  Click here http://wp.me/PSHGG-5S

9. Equal Rights, Not Equal Things:  Click here http://wp.me/PSHGG-5Y

10. Unalienable Rights:  Click here http://wp.me/PSHGG-6h

11. The Role of Revealed Law:  Click here http://wp.me/PSHGG-6w

12. The Sovereignty of the People:  Click here http://wp.me/PSHGG-6F

13. Authority to Alter Government:  Click here http://wp.me/PSHGG-6L

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